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Looking for that one

Hey there! Ooohhh…what a Sunday it has been. I woke up out of a crazy dream. Last night I watched “An Officer and a Murderer” on Lifetime and I kept watching after the movie was over to see the true story. I kept telling myself I should not have watched any of it but I could not help myself. I ended up having a dream about those horrific home invasions and that I had to catch the guy. When I woke up, I was “almost” about to catch him…so my heart was racing and I was in a panic…until I realized I was dreaming. Lol!!! I have quite a few “save the world/people ” kind of  dreams.” No idea why! I have always wanted to work for the CIA…hmm…lol!

After all of that craziness, I started searching online for bedroom stuff for my daughter Aida. She will be going to school next year and I really need to get a start on getting her on a tighter schedule. Some days we do okay and other days I just let her go to sleep whenever she falls. I do not like sleeping and right now, (being open and honest here) my daughter sleeps in the bed with me. She has had a crib and toddler bed that she has never used. She has taken a few naps in the toddler bed…but that is about it. I am not ashamed of it at all. I just want whatever is easy.  I already hate that she has to go to daycare everyday so that I can go to work, but that’s life…and this how I’m dealing with it. If I could, I would keep her with me all day. Now, I think it is time she embraced her own space. She has always had a room full of toys, clothes and whatever else she puts in there…but never slept in there. My cousin’s wife gave her a tv…I thought that’d get her to fall asleep in there…. nope! lol! Sooo I have got to let that all go and get her used to being in her space and enjoying it. When I was around her age, I asked for my own room because I wanted to be able to play and close my door. Our house was small but my parents turned the den into a room for me.  I was too happy about it – especially sleeping in my own bed, alone. No idea why- but I just wanted my own space. I even remember picking out the pink paint. I had a white bed with little flowers on the headboard and a matching desk and dresser with the mirror. I think I kept that set until I was halfway through college..lol!  Sooo…yeah, I am getting Aida involved in picking the things for her room. I finally found a bed I liked and a comforter with her favorite color (purple) but not too crazy. I am going to get her some Princess and the Frog things to go in her room, which I know she’ll get a kick out of.
Here’s a photo of my little munchkin outside riding her bike:



I thought she would be afraid to ride it but she has been trying to ride the thing since this past Christmas. She was a little weary at first, but that did not last for long. She has even been trying to stand and ride….that really tripped me out. I have a few scrap booking pages to share before I head off to get ready for bed.

This first page is about my sweet little great-niece- I love this girl so much and she is always so fun to be around, even if she’s constantly eating…lol!

digital supplies used:
Cindy’s Layered Templates Set 125 by Cindy Schneider
Strawberry Fields by Jenn Barrette

Miss Aida in her new “big girl” (booster) seat. She just reached 40lbs so she will still be riding using the back of the booster with the harness.  I bought her a travel pillow for our trip to Florida and she is still using it any time she is in the car and wants to “nap.”

digital supplies used:
Scenes From Real Life by One Little Bird
Splats N’ Stains by Just Jaimee
… and more pages :)  …
digital supplies used:


digital supplies used:
Fuss Free:Third Time is the Charm 5 by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs
Country Fair Picnic (papers),Country Fair Picnic (elements),Country Fair Picnic Freebie ,Everyday,
Jacquard Ribbon Trim No. 2,Painted Alpha, Sunshine Sticker Alpha by Sahlin Studio
Petals,Trillium by Sara Gleason (Zinnias & Swallowtails)


digital supplies used:


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