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Memories of her Third Grade Year

8 Mar 2018 | Scrapbooking

Last year my ladybug was in the third grade and it was her fourth year at this particular elementary school. When a move is on the horizon, I tend to get a feeling. Most times I feel change before it happens. It does sound weird. I know. Not sure what it is, but I just get a feeling that something is about to shift. When my daughter started the 3rd grade school year, she was excited. New teacher, new classroom, old friends in her class again all made for a lot of smiles from her. Volunteering in the classroom seemed to be a lot less this year. In second grade, I came in the help with math, scrapbooking, and for special event days. I knew third grade was different when her teacher did not mention many volunteer opportunities. I was worried at first and then I was okay. The kids were older and more independent. There were a few fun field trips I went on that year. My husband went for a couple of them. You know the ones that require extended outdoor time. Those kind of trips were usually filled with dads. Either way, we made the most of that school year. I took as many photos of every little moment and that is what my scrapbook layout is focused on today.

She can look back on this and remember what the beginning of her school year was like. Not sure if she is like me in this aspect, but looking at a photo, I can remember my thoughts and how I felt at that particular moment. Seeing the class lists posted was always an exciting time for us. Since she has a tree nut allergy, I knew that since Kindergarten, all 3 of the kids with nut allergies would be in the same class, which also meant her best friend would be in the same class too.

On the scrapbook side of it, I love how this page turned out. I don’t normally do large photos, but I was trying something new with editing and loved how it turned out. To create this layout look, I used the following: