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Olbrich Botanical Gardens

2 Aug 2016 | Life

We went for a walk through the botanical gardens a couple of weeks ago. It has been much warmer here than usual at this time of year and the kids really wanted to get outside. This particular Thursday was warm with a bit of cloud cover, so it was not so bad walking around. Plus, the big trees in the gardens provided more than enough shade through at least half of the walk. It is hard going places and letting Brayden walk since his idea of walking is actually running. It was nice that it was not too crowded and we were away from the parking lot and street, so he could walk and explore. We had to catch up to him a couple of times and make sure he didn’t try to jump in the fountain or run into people. Overall, it was a nice place to go for a walk instead of opting for a park. With kids, going to a park means watching them play and then having to tear them away from all their fun because they never want to leave. We avoided all of that and got to enjoy nature for a bit. I am hoping to make it back in time to see the butterflies bloom.