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Our 2-Year Old

29 Jul 2016 | Personal

It has been a trying couple of weeks and I am doing my best to get back to posting here. When I feel like I don’t have anything in good spirits to post, I just avoid it altogether. Unfortunately, it feels like I have had more of those types of things on my mind lately. It also does not help that we have had a crazy sleeping schedule around here. For a week, I got the kids back to waking up at a better hour and then, I had migraine for a few days and just let it go. My son has terrible sleeping habits and sometimes he naps, and sometimes he doesn’t. There are days when he thinks going to sleep at 8 or 9 p.m. is a nap and will wake up at 1 or 2 a.m. I just want to pass out on those days.

A few days ago, we celebrated our little guy turning 2 years old. No family around and no trip planned, but we had fun with our little party at home. His big sister picked out party favors for them and some cute things on the Cars theme since he has been obsessed with cars and trucks lately. When he saw his cake, he almost snatched the car off of it immediately. I caught him just in time. We at least had to get one photo of the cake with everything in place.


We were trying to get him to blow out his candle. He could only focus on telling it was “hot” – with emphasis on the t – and fanning away at the flame. Eventually, his big sister and I helped him blow it out. The first thing he did once the flame was out was grab the Lightning McQueen car off of the the cake. After that, he start dipping into the icing non-stop. My hubby grilled some steak, chicken and bratwurst and I made some corn on the cob and baked beans. All things he usually enjoys eating. I am pretty sure he was taking advantage of it being his birthday, so he ate a little of his food and when it was time for cake, he put his entire face into the plate.





  1. Heather T.

    *giggles* No photo of face on plate? What a cute cake, too!

    • Tronesia

      Lol! I actually didn’t get a photo. I gave the camera to my husband.


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