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He is officially 3 today!

25 Jul 2017 | Life

At 12:24 AM on July 25th of 2014, a very special  little guy entered the world and joined our family on this wild journey called life. He is officially 3 years old and full of more energy than I could ever have imagined. He still loves his trucks, but now we have added cars, ships, trains, and “all things that go” to that list. He still loves building all kinds of structures with his blocks. He is quite a daredevil and will climb and jump off anything he can. Breakfast is still a favorite meal of his and he loves fruit and chocolate. I have a few things in mind for today as we celebrate with him. This will be his first birthday he will spend with family outside of the fours of us. His grandparents and cousins are here and he has been loving every moment of it. I am hoping he will enjoy today and we get lots of smiles and laughter out of him.

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