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After the Fact

29 Dec 2013 | Life, Photography

Now that Christmas has come and gone, our place has been a mass of toys … just everywhere. In the kitchen, living room, bathroom… anywhere you can imagine… there are toys. I see tea set pieces on the bathroom counter, a scooter parked near the table or my bed… but … as long as she is playing, I am fine. My child tends to walk away and start a new activity without even thinking about anything she has left behind. This morning I got up to straighten up her room and help organize her toys just a bit. I have no idea why but I like everything in its little space. Like, all the Barbie stuff should be together and then all of the games should be stacked.. etc.. Of course, she is 5 and does not see it that way. This is actually the first day she has been out of school for winter break that I even felt like tackling the mess. Otherwise, I just have been walking over it (lol!). Hey… I am just trying to survive here.

Lately, I have not felt like doing too much of anything. I am trying to get out of that mode.. but I do not know. Just cannot shake the feeling. I do not have the desire to scrapbook… digital or paper. My guy got me the best gift ever – a Silhouette Cameo – and I don’t even have it in me to play around with it. Just sucks really. I have had to force myself to take photos. I know.. I know… enjoy the moment should be the priority but I am not even doing that. So, taking out my camera was actually a good thing. It actually made me want to interact more. We still did not do as many Christmas related things as I wanted to ..and I will admit I regret that… but I think my daughter still has enjoyed her time off from school at least. So… enough of my rambling… I just wanted to share a few photos.





That’s it for now… I have Photoshop open and am going to attempt to scrap a page. Good thing is that I have plenty of photos edited and ready to use. Now I just hope I can get the creative juices flowing. :)