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Future Photographer + 30 Days of Thanks: Days 11 & 12

Since the fall arrived (and looks like it is leaving!), I have been seeing the most gorgeous glowing sunlight coming through our front windows. One day it was so orange that it looked like someone was shining a light right through the curtains. I mean, it was crazy. I had to go outside and get a look. I even called over my daughter to see it because I just thought it was amazing. It is one of those things that I have grown to love more and more. It just makes me stop doing whatever it is I am doing. It even has started to rub off on my little girl. It was so funny. We had gotten in from picking her up from school and she was in her room putting up her shoes. Well, she ran back into the kitchen to get a snack and just stopped. She looked at me and was like, “Mommy, give me your camera. The little one I like because I need to get this picture.” I was like, “What?!?” What is this child talking about. She had me to bundle back up and go back outside because she needed to get photos of the sun shining through the trees.

I was surprised and excited at the same time. The fact that she was really going into a frenzy trying to get back outside. One thing led to another and she started taking photos of this one flower that was left in one of the shrubs near her window. It was quite a treat. And me… being the mommy that I am… You know, the one who always has their camera… I took some photos of her taking photos.





I was almost wanting to get rid of the Canon G12 because it just sits in my purse now. Usually, I had it with me when I was going to work in case I wanted to get photos when I take or pick up Aida from daycare. Now that is different. Plus, I only have one child and she is pretty self sufficient so it is not like I have a lot to carry with us when we are out; I can bring my big camera and it is not much of a hassle. I will admit that I am glad that she is getting some use out of the G12 though. I actually caught it on sale last year and it was my Christmas gift to myself. The most I have used it was during the long drive up here. We had two little kids and a lot of stops, so it was easier to pull it out for a quick photo.

Now on to a couple of things I am thankful for having. There was an outage yesterday, so my internet was out most of the day. I starting making a few changes to the blog and it just went completely down. It was back on yesterday evening around 6 or 7.  Even though it abandoned me for a few hours or so, for day 11, I am thankful for the internet. It has been quite a treat to experience the world wide web. I remember when I first got online back in the mid to late 1990s and America Online (AOL) was popular. I started blogging a couple of years after that. I had several journals I had written in and being able to write anonymously just seemed like fun. I built an Angelfire webpage and many other things. The best thing about the internet is that you connect with people from all parts of the world without leaving home.

For Day 12, I had to put a little thought into what I would choose for today because I had this whole list pre-planned in my mind. BUT.. I have to deter from it …and I am thankful for the courteous and funny people I have come across in this great state. Yesterday I was in the grocery store in the produce section. As I am looking at bell peppers, I notice the manager of the store standing on top of the shelf/cooler, or whatever you call that thing. Well, one of the employers comes over with a lift and proceeds to move a Christmas tree up towards the manager to put on the shelf. I am looking crazy because I am thinking they must do not see my 5 foot self standing here trying to shop while they lift this thing over my head. I pick up what I need and move down the aisle. Well, another woman walks over trying to shop and she looks at them weird. Then she looks at me and I smile and laugh a little. She moves out the way and looks back at me again and shakes her head. The next time she came around, she says ” I’m sorry. I know I am looking crazy but it is just too early for that.”  And it really is! I never complain about this kind of thing because I know why stores do this but geez… give us two more weeks and let’s celebrate Thanksgiving first.

Anyway, I have just a bit more time before heading to pick up baby girl. I want to find a recipe to try tonight and I plan on experimenting with a little something. If all goes well, my post Friday will be a treat… I think…lol!

Thanks for visiting!!


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