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Her New Bike

About a month ago, my daughter got a new bike. It was kind of a late birthday gift. She has gotten taller and pretty much outgrew her first bike. I was not sure of the bike I wanted to get until around Christmass when I saw a Schwinn that I loved. No cartoon characters of course, so she has a chance to really grow with it… and not tell me later how much she hates “so-and-so character” all of a sudden. She had been practicing with her other bike riding without the training wheels. Since she is going from a 10-inch to a 16-inch, I think she got a little nervous about having them off this bike. For now, we let them stay. Next summer (or the end of this one…maybe) the training wheels must go.

Anyway, we took her to the park to try out her new bike and helmet. She has a set of Barbie knee and elbow pads that were a must for her. The girl tends to be a little clumsy like her father and they definitely came in handy. Overall, she did well on her bike. She was all over the park. I did my best to walk after her but after seeing her more than halfway around, I knew there was no way I would be able to keep up.


This day was kind of overcast. It started out sunny and then the clouds began to cover, as their was a storm brewing. I took these photos with my 35mm f/2 lens which is becoming my favorite. It’s lightweight and sharp. I kept my shutter speed at 1/400s and ISO at 160, and fluctuated my f-stop (aperture) between f/4 – f/6.3 – f/8- f/10 depending on the cloud cover. Something else I have been doing which I said I would never do. I have been putting my white balance setting on auto (AWB). I still have the Expodisc and still love using Kelvin but sometimes I just don’t feel like fussing with it. I actually find myself liking the color better in the photos where I used AWB and just let the camera do the work. That’s all from me for now…just wanted to share a few photos of my ladybug on her bike.

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