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iPhone Photo Love?

Lately, I have been trying to get more photos with my iPhone when my camera is not easy to grab. Even with the better camera on the iPhone 5, I do not use it as much as I thought I would. My first resource for taking a photo is my DSLR. I have it with me most times, but every now and then, it is just my daughter, myself and the iPhone. I have read several tutorials and downloaded so many camera apps, but the latest VSCO Cam™ – Visual Supply Company app update has made me love my phone camera a little more. A few weeks ago they released an updated app along with a new set of presets. Oh how I loved the samples I saw with the presets! Not only that, but they were on sale for $5.99 for a limited time. Of course I had to grab them. Now I actually enjoy editing and sharing my iPhone photos. I have not shared too many but I have used some in my scrapbook pages, which is a big leap for me.

The other day I read an article about the VSCO beta for a  grid. It makes it easy to share your VSCO photos. I love the clean look of the grid and wanted to know how I could have my own. They started out sending invites and then I found out that I could send a request through the app. Of course, I had to and just a couple of days ago, I got my invite! Check out my VSCO grid here. Not many photos there right now..mainly because of myself and my bright ideas (shaking my head). I loaded my phone and iPad photos onto my computer so I could get them off my phone the other week, so there are none to play with unless I sit here and load them back. I guess that will give me cause to get more photos.

Clickin' MomsJuly is here and it is my favorite time of the year at Clickin Moms.  It is the annual scavenger hunt that goes on during the month of July. There is a list of different photos that you need to get with the CM logo. Whomever gets the most done at the end could win one of the prize packages. There are several awesome prizes but just the fun of getting the photos is what gets me into it each time. Hopefully, I will finish this time and it will give me more of an excuse to ride around the city and look lost. Well…okay, maybe it will be more than just a look since I probably actually will get lost…but I will at least try my best to get as many of the photos as I can.

Before I close, I thought I would share at least one photo from our walk in the park this past weekend. Sunday was a good day. We got out and had dinner, went to the park and got ice cream on the way home. Even after playing and making this walk, this girl was not tired by the time we got home. She complained towards the end of our walk around the park but that did not phase her when she stepped into the comforts of home. It just amazes me at how much energy she seems to have.


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