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It’s Official!

In a few weeks, Aida and I will be joining the old man (Denard) in Madison, Wisconsin. She is excited about seeing her dad. I am pretty sure she will trample him when she sees him cause it’s been about two months. So far, she has done well with the temporary change of routine. I always tell her our “plan” for anything that we do. I have been doing that since she was an infant and now that she is older, she tends to ask me every day “what are we doing mommy.” For the most part, I state out loud what I am going to do so that I can remember. If I hear or see it, I will remember the moment I heard it or read it like it is a movie and that makes things easier to remember, but it has also helped her when we need to do things that are not part of our normal routine. She knows what to expect so it is not a surprise to her and if she needed to have a tantrum about it, most times, she will have had it when I was telling her the plan. Some times it works out and some times it doesn’t ….lol!! I just try to go with the flow. :)

This past Thursday was our weekly ‘breakfast for dinner’ meal. Aida’s favorite meal, or at least the one she eats the most of, is breakfast. She decided that blueberry pancakes sounded like a good idea. I was willing to try just one because she changes her mind so fast. Before I could tell her how many blue berries to add and when, she had put them all in the batter. :(

At least we had fun making breakfast, right?!? lol!!



I only tasted a little of the pancakes and they were pretty good. I could definitely eat them without syrup. Aida, however, covered them in syrup shortly after I took the photo…lol! I should have gotten a picture of that moment…totally slipped my mind. I was just ready to sit down.


I am going to scrap a little and look for a bed. Can I just say that bed shopping is the most painful thing ever?!?! I am very picky but I thought it would be easy to find a black, modern queen or king sized bed that I like. NOT!! What was I thinking? I probably wasn’t thinking. Oh well…I have got to keep trying since I do not have a lot of time left to find one….


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