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Just Another Day

Today I am officially 29 years old. I have never put a lot of thought into my age or worrying about how old I am … it is merely a number. I have always felt like I was born in the wrong year or dimension for my fellow supernatural/other world phenomenon believers. I like to keep this day a secret. This will be the first time in a very long time I have mentioned it. It has always been just another day for me. No excitement. No fun. Just work and keep it moving. My daughter sweetly wished me happy birthday and said she wanted to make me a cake but did not know how. I told her she did not need to make me a cake; her sweet smile is enough for me. Usually the day is a downer for me but I think today will be a “whatever…and I will do whatever when I feel like it” kind of day…lol! That was a lot huh?!? Anywayyy…

I have been playing around in photoshop with my photo processing. I have so many actions that I spent money on but most times it is my own way of editing that I like. I like clean, colorful photos but I also like the matte finish with rich color. Creamy tinted whites are okay some days. It really depends on the photo. I have a photo of my daughter from the other day enjoying a bowl of Froot Loops. I love, love lifestyle images. The ones that are not posed, but clutter-free and all you see is “the moment.” I tried to get that in this photo.

My main problem when I am editing a photo is with skin tones and it starts with my daughter. Her skin actually looks yellow in real life. Like if I had the color scale next to her, she would have more yellow than anything else. I have read so many articles about skin tones and color correction that my head hurts thinking about it, but it is not helping me with my daughter…only confusing me…lol! So that is why I turned the above image into black and white. Less distraction and no more funky colors. Changing it to black and white can seem like cheating sometimes but some images are better without color; it’s like the message is more clear and not a lot of “filler” material to distract from it.

On a different note, I finished another project life page. It takes me a while to finish these but they are so worth it. I have printed most of these already and I love to go back and see what “we” were doing last year.

Now I am off to find some lunch…. :)

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