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We have been trying to make the most of our sunshine this summer. A couple of weeks ago or so, Aida and I ventured out to the park. When we got there, there were a few kids playing and a couple of moms and babies having a picnic near the playground area. Aida was so excited to see the kids that she ran as fast as she could to the play area. I watched as her smile slowly became the saddest look I have seen on her little face. It bothered me at first but I could not let her see it. From my own assessment, these kids played together a lot and probably because the moms on the blanket were all friends. I felt bad for her. She tried to ask the little girl if she wanted to play but the little girl just stared at her with her mouth open. The boys were playing “around” her and stopping for no one. I sent a text to her dad and he wanted to leave work to pick her up. I told him she would be all right. It is hard be new but I definitely think it is harder for Aida, especially in these situations. I am an adult and I relish in the fact that I do not know anyone here. I really do not like being bothered sometimes. That was a little more of a difficult task for Aida.

I told her we could take a walk around the park and see the water for a bit. She was hesitant but I told her it’d be fun- just her and I. We walked and talked. She threw rocks into the pond and even got to be a little silly. We took a few photos with my camera and the phone and she loosened up a little. I told her that it may be hard to communicate right now but it will not always be this way. I reminded her that kindergarten was only a couple of months away. She would be learning new things and get a chance to meet some new kids, and hopefully, make some new friends.


She is more social than I but she still has her limits. By the time we walked around the park and she went back to the play area, she was little upset that no one was playing her. I watched her sit in the tunnel for at least a minute and just frown and stare. Eventually, she got up and went to the slide. The boys were playing and blocking the entrance. Then I heard her get bossy and tell them to slide or move out of her way. I was not sure what was next, but the boys moved and she slid. She climbed back up to go again and they all started asking her name one by one. They all told her the rules of their game and asked if she wanted to play. They even told her how to get away quickly before she was tagged “it.” It was so cute and she was happy. The little girl saw them all playing and started to talk to her. I was happy for Aida-belle.

Being a mom who likes to always be there for her, I knew I could not step in for her. She had to break through the communication barrier on her own. Once she did, it was over from there. Out of the 3-4 parks we go to, this is the only one where this happens. At the other parks, the kids just play with each other – no questions asked. Every experience is different and there is always a lesson to be learned. I am glad she did not give in. We left the park and she was smiling and happy again.


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