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Last Summer

24 Jun 2014 | Photography

Almost a year ago, the 28th of June 2013, I took these photos of my Aida-belle. Summer was just getting into motion and we were getting used to life in a new place. In February of last year, she had taken some of the money she had saved up and bought this Dora the Explorer puzzle set. She really wanted to buy something with her money and I thought if all she wanted was a puzzle, I would not stop her.


She has this tendency of being very much a kid and losing pieces to the sets… sometimes in the same day… but not this one. I am not sure if it was because she bought it herself or if she was that in love with the puzzle (lol!). Either way, she held on to it. Some days I remember her timing herself to see how quickly she could put it together. I just could not wait to get her a puzzle with more pieces. Just watching her mind work left me in awe.