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Mixing & Matching

As I am planning to wrap up my daughter’s 2012 scrapbook album, I am going back over pages to see which ones I need to print. Yesterday, she helped me circle all of the calendar days that we already have completed layouts for and had printed. For whatever reason, I have avoided  the months of September, October, and November of 2012. I decided to just start the re-makes of those pages that I was not too keen on printing. I know… I know… I probably should leave them be so I can see the progression in my scrapping but I just cannot do it. If I am spending the money to print, I want to only have the best.

These are the photos I used from October 2012 (taken with my Canon 7D and 35mm lens).


The original page was with a kit I love, so I decided to use that kit again and mix it up with a few other kits. Mainly, I was inspired by the colors. I tend to do a lot of white background layouts but I really wanted to play with color this time.


The following were used to create this layout:

  • True Colors + Natural Beauty – Jenn Barrette
  • Make Believe – Paislee Press + Valorie Wibbens
  • When Elements |Papers|Daters – Sara Gleason
  • Wonderfall + Punchfetti 02 + Foxy alpha – Creashens
  • For Warriors (template) – Sara Gleason + Amy Martin

Speaking of color, I have a few things arriving for our baby boy soon. We painted my daughter’s old dresser for him since she has way too many clothes to fit in it now. It’s adorable! I just need to finish up the shelves and do a couple of touch ups and I will share it on the blog. Denard was complaining about me harassing him to finish it but once he was done, he said it was actually fun. I just had no comment for him… lol!

I promised my daughter that she would get to make up his bed and she even wrote me a note, so that I do not forget. This weekend I let her pick out a set of bibs and pacifiers so that he would have something just from his big sister. She already says “I love you” to him everyday. It is too cute. And… she finally felt him kicking last night. Usually she is so wrapped up in Netflix to stop what she is doing, but we were cuddling and talking and she inched back quick. I asked her if she felt that and she was just all “yeah…what is he doing!?” Lol! It was funny and I think it caught her off guard. I just cannot wait for them to be able to interact with one another. Anyway… that’s it from me for now. Thanks for visiting!!



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