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Nice and Clean

For my daughter and I, the days we wash our hair are long and seem never-ending. Her hair has the same curl pattern as my own but it is soft..almost like cotton balls. Her hair absorbs moisture much more quickly than mine. So, when it is time for a wash, I have to take my time to get it clean and make sure it gets moisturized at the same time. On this particular day, I decided to let her hair air dry while styled into a puff. I twisted it the next day in her usual twists but I am sure she was mad at me. It was a chore to untangle…but hey…she looked cute wearing her puff!

Looking at this photo over and over, I have no idea why her mouth is tooted into this position. Lately she has been very picky about when she wants to have her photo taken. Maybe I am getting on her nerves? Lol!!

Ohh I had a bit of a task the past few days. I was sitting here trying to decide what to do with my very first DSLR. There might be package coming my way this week with a new shiny toy..but I am not admitting anything right now. Since my Rebel has been sitting around, I figured why not sell it. I used to take it with me when we were out and about but I always opted to take my 7D instead (even if it is bigger).

So, I packaged up my very first DSLR and sent her off…and hopefully to a new home.My daughter was more sad to see it go than I was. She kept trying to hide items as I boxed it up. I made sure to rest her little mind knowing that we have other cameras she can still use. Pshh! She has my old iPhone4, the family’s iPad and both have cameras, games and more….I think that is more than enough for a 4 year old.:)

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