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Our Day

Today was pretty quiet. Normal stuff going on..nothing too fun. Ohh! The other day we went to get the enrollment information for my dd to start kindergarten in the Fall. She was very excited about that (as she is about most things)! Mommy is still nervous and will be until, and after, that first day. I am going to try this. There is a virtual academy and there is home school, soooo….if it is not to my liking…who knows what will happen…. I really want her to go because I know she is different than I. She loves interacting with other children whereas I enjoy the quiet more, away from others. That and all of the sad, tragic news stories…scare me about sending my child to school. I figure I can say that here…but at the same it SCARES me to even say it…think it…but I am a realist and cannot ignore the negative things in life. At the same time, I do believe there is a higher power in charge and the fate of the world has already been written. And if I believe it’s written, then I know it cannot be changed. So…I live my life day to day. I do everything I can to have a good day and to make it through one day and then I deal with the others as they come. School and my child – I definitely see it the same way. Things can happen walking out the front door or just driving down the street….one day at a time and I am breathing, slow and steady…lol!

Now on to something on a lighter note and more “fun” note- photography related. I moved from a crop to a full-frame sensor recently. I love, love, love being able to use my 50mm lens indoors. I still love the 35mm f/2.0 because of its sharpness, but the creamy, smooth textures from the 50 are what I crave. I even can use the 85mm inside. Now I will say, that since we have moved- the apartment is bigger than where we stayed before so I actually had enough room to use the 50mm on my 7D. Today, I got to play with one more little gadget – an Expodisc. It measures the light coming into the camera and using the information it collects to select the correct white balance. If it is anything I hate correcting in my photos, it is white balance. I can get focus. I can try to be creative but most times I do not show my photos because I get caught up in correcting the WB in ALL five million of the shots I took. Lol!! I need the color to be the same in them all and it does not always happen that way. I wish it did…but it does not unfortunately. The Expodisc is a wonderful tool- especially indoors, with or without flash. I have tungsten and fluorescent bulbs in this place, so some rooms are too yellow and others are too blue…lol! Best way I could think to explain that…sorry! Switching the Kelvin WB so frequently and still having issues was just driving me nuts. The neutral color Expodisc is just amazing. The colors it produced…ohh I could kiss this thing.. I barely touched my photos that I am about to share. I made the colors a little richer and added a slight haze, but for the most part I did not do much.

I will warn you that there are photos of my daughter laying, standing and sitting on my dining table. I am very aware of this. When I turned around from getting her lunch plate off the table, I was in shock and yelled, “sit down and let me get the camera off the counter to get some photos.” lol!!! So we played. These images are not perfect and may have several technical flaws, but they are what our life is like. :)

This one is right after her mismatched lunch of pizza, baked beans and rice.


I had to get a photo of her Thursday socks…love these!


Somewhere towards the end she thought she was a superstar. :)


Thanks for looking and for visiting!

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