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Pretty and Bloomed

20 Jun 2013 | Photography

I am so glad to see green grass and flowers blooming here. For a while, I was not sure winter would ever end and now that it has, there have been many beautiful, warm days. Today, I decided to play with my macro filters while we were outside. I got the idea from a fellow CMer (Clickin’ Moms member) to try the filters instead of the extension tubes. The filters can be used with the lens of your choosing. I have the 58mm set to fit my 50mm lens. The tubes would connect to the camera body and then you would add your lens, and that was more of a hassle.  At least with the filters, I can keep my favorite lens on the camera and easily add the filter when I am ready for a macro shot.

These are the first two images I edited. I actually like taking photos of things other than my child…lol! I feel more freedom when I am editing and it really helps when I am feeling down about my photography skills. I always feel I need to improve more and at a faster rate.




With the same settings and in a different spot…plus a little help holding the camera, my daughter took her first macro shot. She was so excited to use mommy’s big camera. When she saw her photo, I swear I saw her eyes sparkle. I gave her directions on listening for the lens to focus,  how to move closer to the flower and stay steady while holding the shutter. She did so well (at least I think so!).



Overall, it was fun to experiment. It even help to push me a bit more out of my photo rut. :)