I planned to have 2012 done before 2014 rolled up on me… that did not happen! lol! I tried… really I did. I have not felt so hot lately and it was a chore just for me to get to the computer. I have been turning it on every day but nothing has been happening. I knew it was bad because there were a couple of days I never turned on my external hard drives, and that’s where all of my photos are stored. ┬áMy daughter and I have been having this awesome Facetime bonanza with my adorable teenage (Oh I feel so old saying that!) nieces. We have been lounging around and letting all of the Christmas toys take over our living space… and me… I just have not had the energy to be in clean up mode much less anything else. I am sad winter break is over. It has been a joy not to wake up at 6 am every morning and get out in the cold cold weather. Anyway… I just wanted to share my latest project life pages.





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