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Reading Corner: Children of Blood and Bone

16 Mar 2019 | Reading Corner, Reviews

Sooo it seems I am back into reading again. I am trying at least. When I was younger, I would read all of the time – any book, any subject matter. I would get books from my moms friends, the library, anywhere I could and just read and read and read. Reading was an outlet. It was an escape. When I read, it’s like watching a movie. When I recount the stories of the books I enjoyed, I have to figure out if it was a movie or was it really was a book.

This past January I read Tomi Adeyemi’s book Children of Blood and Bone. I had seen it mentioned in many places and my Overwatch friend was reading it and telling me about it. I knew I had to see if the library had it. They did, luckily. Anddd…I loved the book.  Oh my goodness! It was everything I wanted Black Panther to be and then some. I ended up purchasing my own copy of the book to have and to get my 10-year old to read it.

Right now she is reading it during her sacred reading time at school. If she gets into it, I hope she enjoys it as much as I did. It made me feel hopeful and anxious for the next installation of the Legacy of OrÏsha Series. I was putting off reading anything else until the The Children of Virtue of Vengeance is released. Then I came across this tweet from the author that says it will be December. Super long wait, but I would rather have an amazing story.

My Thoughts on the Book

Ohhh it was good! From the first pages to the end, I could not stop reading. It was laid out well. I almost wish I had a map of where they were located in the book so I could piece it together a little better in my mind. I really enjoyed Zélie. Each of the characters had their own challenges to overcome while working together to keep themselves and their people safe. Not giving away too much, but there was magic involved. I have been wanting to find more African-American stories involving magic, supernatural, fantasy content and this book was that for me. I will be seeking out more and this one was great to start with. Another thing I liked was that the chapters were from different characters’ perspectives. Being able to see how each of them were dealing with things and knowing their thoughts gave you a chance to see the “bigger picture.”  Looking for something to add to your reading list? This one should definitely be on it!