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8th Grade Online (and still a Pandemic)

Okay, it has been a few months and I am trying to get back into the swing of things. This school year  has began and we are going online again. One slight change will be weekly meet ups for some hands-on learning. We are just trying to make the best of this situation. I wish I could be as worry-free as some that I see. Travel and just going out around town with friends or family. Being free to just live life, mask-less and all. But honestly, this whole virus and the fact that I already worry a lot has not been good. We have kept things as interesting as they can be while staying safe and social distancing.

Over the summer, we took the kids to see their grandparents and a few cousins, aunts, and uncles. It was a very very long ride from Colorado to Alabama, but we made it safe and sound. I really needed to see my parents. My mom has come to visit us a few times, but it had been awhile since seeing my dad. I always love talking to him, but I needed to lay my eyes on him. If you are fortunate to have all your loved ones near, cherish that and do all you can to make the best of every moment you spend with them. I had about a week of waking up to seeing their faces and it felt good. Brayden really enjoyed himself. Every time a family member stopped by my parents house he wanted to know their name and how he was related. He hugged everyone he met. Aida enjoyed hearing all of the stories about her relatives. She had a good time seeing faces she hadn’t seen in 9 years.

The best moment for me was seeing them with their great grandparents. They were both so sweet. I just watched them and almost didn’t believe those were my children. In my head, I was like “is this a dream?” The love and care I saw in that room was just so… I don’t even know the word. I could feel it. Seeing all of their interactions with everyone they had been wanting to see in so long made the trip absolutely worth it. I had a lot of fun playing Uno and Heads Up with my sister, her grown(nnnn) kids, and my little great niece. It was definitely the re-charge we all needed.



And now, we are back to reality. One of the main goals I have for the rest of this year is to sleep better. I hate waking up early, but it feels so good to start my day and have more time to do the things I want and need to do. I am still digital scrapbooking, but I am trying to dedicate a little more time to it.There have been so many moments I want to remember, so I definitely need to tell those stories. I started this layout a few days ago. Baby girl was ready for her first in-person day of school and she looked so cute. She asked if she could add some paint to her favorite pair of overalls. I am all about creative freedom, so I told her have at it just don’t mess up the carpet.She did a good job though! This scrapbook layout was inspired by her creativity and I actually had fun creating it. I don’t usually play around with the background, but it seemed fitting. I used a mask in Photoshop to paint the butterfly background onto the solid paper. Once I was done with the layering and cluttering, I used the paint brush and gradient tool to create a light effect. Next time I do this I will try to record it.

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