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Yesterday my mother was over to relax with Aida and I. Somehow I mentioned getting Aida’s ears pierced. When she was a few months old, everyone kept asking if I was going to get them done and my answer was: no. I want her to decide when she is ready to make these type of permanent choices. With any decision, there is a certain time (in my mind) when it is okay for you decide the when and the where. Ear piercing- as long as she is old enough to understand that we have to take care of her ears and that there will be some pain involved- I was willing to let her decided when and if she wanted this done. I cannot remember having mine done, but my mom says that I was around Aida’s age. So if I was…I don’t even remember it so it could not have been too bad (I hope…lol!). Anyway, I told her it would be like getting shots at the doctor’s office (which she never cries about) and she was okay with that.

We let her pick out a couple of earrings that she’d be able to wear later. I have no idea why she wants to wear food on her ears…lol! She told me they were made of play-doh (her assumption courtesy of many YouTube videos…lol!). Now the first hole was the easiest of course, but once she found out how it would feel it took a little coaxing for the second ear. We got it done though! She was so proud of her new earrings. I didn’t see anything purple so I chose the rose colored flowers and she loved them. The first thing she asked was if her earrings were cute. We made sure to get her in front of a mirror quick.

Of course, I scrapped a couple of pages with the photos I took outside of the place and at home. I wanted to get a photo during but was just too nervous with my baby’s ears being pricked and!! I am crazy probably..yes I am….but I could not bring myself to get a picture. We enough after which was good for me.

  Journaling Reads:

 For months, you talked about earring and wanting holes in your ears like mommy.. When you were 3 years old, you hid all of my earrings in your toy mailbox. I spent 10 minutes one morning before work looking for my earrings and had to settle on wearing the ‘emergency’ pair I kept in my purse. I never thought to as you until after picking you up from daycare. Time I asked where they were, you smiled and went downstairs to get them out of your mailbox. You told me they were so rpetty that you hid them with your treasure. Now, a little more than 1 year later, I decided to let you get your ears pierced after you asked again if you could have holes in your ears. We would be moving 12 hours away soon, so I figured this would be a good time to get them done. Your grandma Debra had asked me a while ago about getting them done, but I declined. When she came to visit with us today, I thought it would be a good time to get them done. Your mommy was probably more scared than you.. I had been talking to you and teling you that it would feel like the shots at the doctor’s office. You sat in the chair holding the teddy bear and with the first piercing, you barely flinched. You looked at us a little confused & weary about the pain but you did not shed a tear. Ther was one problem- now that you know what it felt like you were reluctant to let the lady do the 2nd ear. Ma and I tried to persuade you with gifts. We asked if  you wanted to have just one earring while we had 2. You looked around and finally relaxed for a few more seconds and the lady was able to do the 2nd ear. She was so patient with you, which made me very grateful because  I was becoming a nervous wreck. When it was all done, I was still in shock about how well you behaved. I am glad Ma was able to be there with us; she made it much easier for us both. She is very good at distraction. I even let you pick out a couple of earrings to have once your ears healed. We got some lunch and made sure to get you that soda you wanted. You were so  cute in your pink flower earrings. Still my baby but you just looked  a little bit different.

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  • Babycakes by Libby Pritchett & Erica Zane
  • Fonts: Jacked Up Kinda Luv by Darcy Baldwin, Dazzling Divas by Vanessa Bays

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  • aww this is so sweet! I always wondered what I would do if I had a girl! Would I just go ahead and pierce her ears or wait? I love your scrapbooking. Makes me want to try!ReplyCancel

  • thank you lady! i was probably more afraid than!!ReplyCancel