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It’s 2019?!?

17 Jan 2019 | Life, Scrapbooking

Two weeks into the new year and this is my first post here. I’m slacking, badly! Not going to beat myself up too much about it as I have been working on some behind the scenes things for this blog. One of the most tedious things is replacing my broken image links. Flickr changed their policy and I just refused to pay for the pro option. I did that the first time and then they changed once Yahoo bought them. Now they have a new owner that took away the 1TB of space and gave free accounts 1,000 photos tops. I don’t post enough here to feel like I need to pay for photo storage. I already pay for a backup of my files and I keep double copies locally.

Anyway, I have created a few layouts in the start of the year. I feel like I need to do some more evolving. Since I have got back into my games, I have not spent as much time checking out the trends in scrapbooking. At this point, I like what I like but it would be nice to change it up a bit sometimes.

Have you seen the Pantone Color of the Year? I always check it out. It usually dictates anything I design or put together during the year in some way, whether it’s the color palette of a scrapbook layout, new blog design, decor in Sims 4.  I update my Sims blog a little more than this one, as far as it’s design. The 2019 Pantone color was the base for my last blog design before I changed it. Coral has always been a favorite color of mine. I hate red. Pink is good, depending on how it’s used. Coral seems to be that perfect in between. Not too red or pink and gives off an orange hue that makes it a very versatile color to use. Maybe I could think of a layout challenge for myself to incorporate that color at least once a month in a layout. That’d be fun.

Anyway, this is just me rambling.