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Just Cannot Stop

I am so tired right now. I probably should be laying down or something…. but no, not me. No matter whether I am standing, sitting or whatever, I am uncomfortable. My hands have been weak and tingly all week… and even more today. I lose my grasp in a split second which has led me to more spills and me trying to bend over to pick up more things than I would like. I have a headache that just will not go away. My feet are swollen like two floatation devices. I try not to complain because it is all just part of pregnancy… but I feel like being a kid about it sometimes and just need to whine… just a little.

We have not been up to too much this week. I had a doctor’s appointment and this time Aida made sure to voice her concerns along with me. She let the doctor know she was really worried about my swollen feet and that it made her nervous to see them that way. Just listening to her, I had the thought “where did this child come from.” Her father and I are sensible/logical … keep to ourselves… but we are nowhere near as “loving and caring” as our daughter. I always told my husband that I have (and continue to) tried my best to raise her the way I wished I had been. I have never been a very affectionate person and my first instinct is always to keep my feelings away from people. I remain detached as it is my way of protecting myself. I did not want my daughter to be that way. I wanted her to be loving and kind but still know when she needed to turn on that other side that let’s people know she has boundaries. So far, she is more than I could have imagined. She does little things as her way of “caring” and it just shocks me that she has paid attention so well to people. She is so happy that sometimes it scares me; at the same time, it shocks me when she has a ‘down’ moment because they are so few.

That leads me to my page I wanted to share today. It was funny to me…. still is… but it was definitely not a funny moment to her when our internet went down for a little while. Most of the things she does is in some way “connected.” She does well most days (keeping a balance with technology) ; she will turn off the cartoons and set up her room like a giant dollhouse and play hours of pretend with her dolls or she will ask to paint or play with her play-doh. Hopefully, after this, she will now have a back-up plan (lol!).


No idea why… but I have been attracted to brighter colors lately when it comes to my pages. I feel like I am trying to get all of the “pink” out of my system since I will have a little boy to scrapbook for soon. For this page, I used a kit by one of the new Sweet Shoppe designers, Sugary Fancy, Inspired by Life. The photos are framed using Insta-frames by Sahlin Studio. Most times I don’t use frames, but when I do this is one of my favorite sets.

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