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New Girl

So I finally watched the latest episode of New Girl….and wow! I have been waiting for that moment since the show began and finally it happens. Now I am anxious to see what will happen in the next episode. Watch… it will be something silly like it was all a dream or they will totally act like it did not happen. I would rather Nick just finally be honest with Jess and get on with the plot…lol!

This has been a whirlwind of a week. This whole moving thing is just too much to handle. I am very forgetful and tend to work better when I have a list. This has resulted in a LOT of lists…all over the places. I have  lists on index cards in my purse, in my desk at home, on my notepad on my phone and on my email. Lists…lists…lists….Changing things over and getting things ready to be turned off…it’s just a ball of confusion in my head. The lists have been very helpful though. They are more of a comfort thing because I can mark off what I have done and easily see what is to be done next.

Aida is just ready to be in the same place with her dad again. There were only two things she was sad about leaving. The first is her pediatrician. She loves her doctor. We have been seeing her since she was born and Aida has always been so good whenever we have a visit. She always sits and breathes and lets the doctor check her ears and tummy without moving. It always amazed at how well she behaves for the doctor. I am sure I will miss them too (the doctor, the nurses and office staff).  The other thing little ladybug was sad about leaving is daycare & her Teams of Tomorrow lessons.Whether she goes to school here or in the new city, she would still be meeting all new friends. Her friends from daycare (that I know of) are zoned for different schools than she would be attending here. Other than that she is excited. Her Da-Da has sent her photos of the snow and she just loved it. Of course, she is 4 and has no idea how much that will take getting used to. As long as she is excited that’s all that matters.

The first day of February is here already and I remember at the end of December thinking that January would be a long month. It started off a little difficult to deal with but it has passed by so quickly. I am definitely happy about that. Excited about the weeks ahead…. I am reluctant to show my acceptance to change but I actually like change. I get bored quickly so shaking things up is always a treat.

With the beginning of the month here, The Lilypad has released the BYOC (build your own collaboration) for February. I have only worked with a couple of things so far and let me say….it is fab!!! I saw this first set of products and knew what photos I HAD to scrap immediately. Even though she only ate maybe 4 cookies out of this entire box, these are the cutest little photos of little Aida (ar at least I think so). :)


digital products used:
  • *BYOC* Sweet Tooth Papers and Elements by Valorie Wibbens
  • Happygram & Foodie Papers by One Little Bird
I titled my page after the word art “sugarholic” because she is definitely that! Most times she only eats chocolate or chocolate chip cookies, but she wanted these sugar cookies…and of course, Mommy bought them. I should have resisted but I figured she wouldn’t go overboard with them, and she did not. She would eat one and put the box away until the next day- which is when she would forget the cookies even existed…lol!!


Well I must head to bed to get an early start tomorrow. Have a wonderful Friday!!!


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