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Spring in Colorado

27 Mar 2018 | Life, Scrapbooking

These two little munchkins have been itching to get outside. For Christmas, they got scooters that they have been riding around inside the house. The weather here is milder than Wisconsin, but it flip flops a lot. One week we have highs of high 60s and low 50s and then the next week, it will snow and be anywhere between 20 and 40 degrees of cold. Now that I know this happens at the drop of hat, I try to take advantage of the days it is nice outside. I rush them out of the house and try to make sure they get some kind of outdoor time. My daughter goes to school, so she gets a chance to enjoy the weather. My son is with me, so any time I can get him out of these four walls, I try.

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This photo was taken the first day they rode their scooters [toddler scooter, big kid scooter] outside. Each of them have motors, but my daughter’s is much faster (as it should be). My son did not like that. He hates to lose a race. He kept telling her “slow down” or “you need to wait.” It got even more hilarious when he decided to hop off his scooter and tried to push and run while getting ahead of his sister. It wasn’t working for him and at some point he threw the scooter down just to get ahead of her. For him, everything is a race.

To remember this moment, I used this adorable digital scrapbook kit, Signs of Spring by Forever Joy Designs [available here] to create this layout. I wanted to keep it simple, fun, and bright. I loved the papers in this kit. As much as I wanted to stay away from so many white backgrounds on my layout, I could not resist with this one. I love how it turned out with the patterns on half of it.