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All About Books – Summer 2013

11 Aug 2016 | Scrapbooking

These photos are from 3 years ago when we first moved to Wisconsin. It was our first summer here and the first summer where I was no longer working. It had been about three months and we were determined to find things to do in this new place. This was also the year that my daughter would start kindergarten, so I was focused on finding us all types of fun things to do together.

I read something online (somewhere, I cannot remember) about reading programs for the summer at the local library. I remembered that back home I had a library card but had never taken baby girl. Her first time to the library and she wanted to walk around and see where everything was before picking out books. She was not reading at the time, so I helped her find some books she’d be interested in reading with me. She chose a few books, but there was one that she had me read 3 or 4 times before we returned them (and took a couple of photos, of course).


When I saw this kit, Well Read: Patterns & Backgrounds + Well Read: Elements by Allison Pennington at The Lilypad, I knew exactly what photos I wanted to use.

I also used the following digital products in creation of this layout:

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