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The Good and the Bad

Today was an okay day.  I dropped Aida off at daycare and she was actually awake, which is rare.  No matter how early I have her in bed, she never goes to sleep until around 10:30 or 11:00 at night. There were a few people that actually warned me about this happening. I am a night owl and so is her dad. Every now and then she will admit that is sleepy…it is not very often. Anyway, I am anxious for the weekend. I placed an order for some Fresh Moroccan Henna and Indigo. I really want my hair to be dark again and I want to do some mini twists. I really want to try to wear a protective style at least for a couple of weeks to give my hair a break. I plan on doing some layouts/blog posts about my natural hair journey. I am glad I got rid of the rest of my permed ends last November. My hair is the same length as it was before and still growing. I am ELATED about that of course.

Anywayyy…I was just thinking about my daughter and how she has trouble listening. If she is watching a cartoon, it is like I am talking to the wall because she does not respond at all! It really drives me up a wall. She is 4 years old…not like she was a schedule to keep…a job to work….lol!! I could go on and on with this. Some days are better than others and I look forward to many more of the better days. happy smiley

I even created a page about the one of the “not-so-good” days. If I lived in utopia, every thing would be perfect, but I do not. I want to remember all of these moments, whether they were fun or not. They are a part of our life.

digital products used:

And of course, like the psycho that I am…lol!! I remade a page…so here is a little throwback of my Aida.

digital products used:

These are definitely two of my favorite pages. I love bright colors, buttons and the painted alpha. Sometimes I start a page with an idea and sometimes it takes me a moment to start, so I just start adding things that I like and see what happen. I definitely do not do the kit & photo matching thing- where the photo matches the color of the kit. I just want my photo to be my photo..and on my page….lol! Well- that is all from me for now…. happy scrapping and happy Thursday!

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  • Tiffany :-)

    So I got your email an yea uhm… I dont think this blogging thing is exactly for me!!! Lol I am so much better at building websites than grasping this lol… anywho love my Aida Bell in her grouch pictures…. This is a great one!!!ReplyCancel