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The In-Between Moments

13 May 2015 | Scrapbooking

You know those moments where you are getting ready to do one thing and something else happens? Maybe you were styling your child’s hair and they made a comment that was just too cute to forget. Maybe you were putting away laundry and your child did something out of the ordinary that shocked you (hmm… in a good way!). Those little in-between moments are the ones I live for. I try to make sure to document them. I will make a note on my phone or computer and save it by date in a folder. Sometimes I will forget and will remember weeks later what that moments was about and why I enjoyed it. In-between moments are the ones you don’t look to happen;they just happen… and they are special…and you don’t want to forget them.

This digital layout is definitely about one of those in-between moments. I was trying to set up a little photo shoot for 1 month photos for my son and my daughter came into the room with her own idea. It just hit me how much she had grown up from the moment he was born to the present time. I still cannot believe she is the same little girl sometimes. Every day it’s something new and every day I get to witness these little moments and I am so thankful for that.

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