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This Summer He Turned 4

27 Sep 2018 | Life, Scrapbooking

It has been almost a month since I have posted. One thing I try not to do is post when I am not in a good space and it has been on and off for some time. I have been posting nonstop on my Sims 4 blog. It’s easy. I post gameplay photos, share a few things, and interact with other simmers. That’s the thing about games. You can find a great community. I enjoy my simmers and my few Overwatch friends and buddies.  Most days that is what I am up to if I am not tied up with the kids, dishes, laundry, etc.

This summer my little guy celebrated a birthday. Not sure why, but I am always slow to scrapbooking and editing birthday photos. I finally got started on his. He wanted Paw Patrol everything.


He saw his cake and was in awe. It was too funny. He thought it was amazing (his words) and was so ready to light those candles and dig in. Earlier in the day we took them to the Denver Children’s Museum for some fun, which was also a big hit. Next year he will be going to kindergarten. I am so not ready, but he is. He knows all of his alphabets and number and can write them on his own. Lately, he has been telling me he needs to do his math problems. He has his own notebook where he has started writing addition problems. During the day, he likes to draw different objects. Unfortunately, they will sometimes get drawn on the walls.

He has grown up so much since his last birthday and I cannot wait to see what’s ahead for this year.



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