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Tummy Time: December 2014

21 Sep 2016 | Scrapbooking

I won’t say I have done everything by the “book,” but I definitely made sure my little guy got some good tummy time. I remember doing this when my daughter was a baby and putting soft toys in front of her to grab. Of course, it could not be so easy with baby boy. He really did not like it much at first. You could lay him on his back or side when he was awake and he would look at you and talk away. After a few more tries of it, he started to ease up. He would gnaw on his cute little fingers or hold his head up for as long as he could while looking at me. Whenever big sister was home from school, she would take over. She loved to play with him.

It is a little different playing with a baby versus another child your own age as she found out. She made it work, though. She would bring all types of toys to touch and she would talk and read to him and give him lots of kisses and snuggles. Yesterday I took this photo and froze this moment in time by creating a  scrapbook page. The stories like these are the ones I wish I knew about my childhood, so it is my pleasure to be able to record it for my babies.


For this layout, I used a recently released digital kit called Colorfall Season by Blagovesta Gosheva. In Photoshop, I played around with the lighting filter and a few adjustment layers to add some warmth and vibrancy to the colors.

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