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When He Was Little

22 Sep 2017 | Featured, Personal, Scrapbooking

Our baby boy is 3 years old and full of so many things to say. He and I have always had our way of communicating, but now that words have come into play it is a new playing field. He had me laughing so hard the other day. I was getting ready to start the laundry and was putting the clothing in the washing machine. Baby boy really wanted to help. Now that he can reach the door of the washing machine, he almost acts like it is his duty to load it up and start the wash cycle. I tried telling him to slow down, but he was just a moving. He was turning from the basket to the washer so fast. I had to double check to make sure the wrong colors weren’t going in. He got it more than half-way full and looked in and looked at me and said “This too much!” Ohh I laughed so hard! He just kept saying it after that and putting even more stress on the “too.” He is a mess. One day I had to give in and agree with him; because he was right, of course. It was too much. Too many clothes and just too much going on altogether.

It is those little moments of laughter that makes me appreciate and be thankful for all of it. The nights where he would rather be awake instead of asleep… the days where he follows me wherever I go… I will miss it all as he grows up. I know I won’t get these moments again with my baby boy. He will grow up. When I was looking through my photos for some to use on this scrapbook page, I knew these were it.

For this scrapbook layout, I used Tomorrow’s Memories: Patterns & Backgrounds, Elements, and Graphic Alphabet by Allison Pennington along with one of the Perseverance templates by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs. This turned out even better than I imagined. I love fall color palettes that are not too traditional. The lighter colors and the mix of patterns were perfect together. This is definitely a favorite of mine.



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