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Feels like forever

It seems like it has been months since I last blogged. I had ideas and things I wanted to write about but just did not have the energy or motivation to do so. At least, I finally am starting to feel human again. Maybe I will get back to it. I have done a bit of clean up on my Facebook feed and my email. I am still unsubscribing to newsletters but at least my inbox is not growing as quickly as it was at first. I have this habit of signing up for stuff when I see something that I want to go back and read later, and possibly see future updates. One day I realized all of this is just clutter. I do not read half of it. My husband says later I will regret unsubbing from some of them and will be whining to him later about not being able to find any deals or sales. I doubt it. Seriously. Right now, I am just over it and am tired of being advertised to constantly. I have the Cameo, my dream camera and other little gadgets that I have been wanting to experiment with, so there is nothing I am going to be looking for right now in that department. Of course, I could not unsub from the kids’ clothing sites and other places I like to shop for Aida or our favorite hair products.

This weekend has been pretty quiet. We talked to my family on Facetime. My sister and her kids were at my mom’s house and everyone was as spirited and silly as they always are. I told Denard that was the most fun I had in awhile. Denard likes to sleep and play video games. With just the three of us up here, it gets pretty boring. Aida and I will venture out from time to time but this winter has been so messy with the snow and ice that we have been stuck inside quite a bit.

We tried a new sandwich spot yesterday. I love sandwiches no matter what time of year it is. So far I have two places up here that I love…one for cold and for one for hot subs… depending on what I am in the mood for. Most times cold sandwiches. It is still a little weird eating a warm sub. Anyway, this new place we tried was pretty good. I like the way the ordering is set up. You go in and choose a sandwich bag according to the type of sub you want. The menu shows everything you need to know about picking just the combination you want to try. After you choose your bag, you start selecting the options you would like on your sandwich. It was pretty cool. Since Aida is reading now, she was mostly able to fill out her own bag with a little guidance. The girl gets sidetracked very easily.


Speaking of Aida reading, I am so proud of her!! It is like the world is brand new to her all over again and she is pointing out and sounding out words all over the place. She loves to write notes and send text messages. Only downside is now I am going to have to be careful where I leave my phone. She has already been sending numerous texts to her cousins. I feel so bad sometimes when I cannot catch her in time and she has sent like 10 messages in a row. It’s funny but gee… slow down little lady.

That’s about all from me for now. I have a head of hair to tackle today. I think I am going to do Aida’s twists a little differently this time. I twisted my own hair half way and coiled the bottom halves, and I am thinking I will do hers the same way since her hair is so curly. I have been showing her how I twist her hair and I have noticed she has been taking her hair a loose and re-twisting. She tries to hide it but every now and then she leaves a few strands free.

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