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2018 is here!

The holidays have flown by and the new year is already in full swing. My daughter went back to school yesterday. We had a glorious two weeks all to ourselves. We played a lot of Overwatch and watched a lot of Black-ish together. Even my toddler likes the show, which is surprising, but he loves to laugh and is very observant of people. Only thing I did not work on was getting more sleep. My husband was on vacation with us and I still did not do anything differently. Well, I take that back. I relaxed and he handled more of the household stuff. When we moved, I told him we would probably see him less since he would be working so much. It was a very welcome change to have him here with us in the mayhem. Not a long post as I have not been to bed. I did want to share a page I created about my babies and hopes for the year ahead. So much changed last year that I think this year should be a breeze to make it through.

I had a lot of fun combining these colors together for this page. The template I used is Life is Amazing [x] by Cheryl of Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs and it is on sale today only at The Lilypad for 50% off. The other digital items I used include:

  • Slumber Party Elements [x] – Kristin Aagard
  • To Start Anew | Elements [x] – Mommyish Designs
  • This Year: Patterns & Backgrounds [x] – Allison Pennington

Thanks for stopping by and have a great Wednesday!!

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December Days

It has been a minute since I posted. I have been trying to get back into a groove, but it has not been happening. Not much sleeping for me lately and that has led me to having migraines outside of my normal pattern. The lack of sleep has also dulled out my desire to play The Sims and even scrapbook. I made a few pages a couple of weeks ago around Thanksgiving. School was out for a few days, so that meant we were just going with the flow of life and I got ideas I needed to make into layouts. Holidays are probably the hardest for my to scrapbook about. Mostly because now we spend them with our little family and we keep things extra low key. We will share a meal together. The kids and I have a few shows and movies we will watch together and then everyone just does whatever. Christmas is probably the better out of any that we celebrate. I actually like playing with the new toys with the kids. I always try to find a few games that we can all enjoy together.This year will be different since baby boy is older and now understand more.

Last weekend he repeatedly bugged me until I got up to help with decorating the tree. It was cute though. He and his big sister decorated as much as they could and I finished it up. They got distracted with other things, of course.

A year ago was our last Christmas in Wisconsin. I wanted to make it special because I just had a feeling that things would be changing soon.  I bought baby girl a dress to wear for their Christmas concert and I flat-ironed her hair for the day. She enjoyed getting dressed up for the day since we don’t do that very often.

Then, another layout I made the other day focuses on Christmas a few years ago. It was baby boy’s first Christmas and it was when he was an actual sleeper (lol).

Oh how I miss those “baby” times! I may have felt like a milk machine, but life was so good. More sleep, normal dinner time, play time was fun with both kids, and there were even moments of quiet. Now, everything has a bit of chaos. That is life though!

*Note: Both layouts are linked to their gallery posts where you can find all of the items I used to create them.

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