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Moving to Denver | Vol. 2

It has been quite a week. We have been in our new home for almost 2 weeks now. On the afternoon of July 12th, the moving truck pulled up and started to load up all of our belongings. Both of the kids were super excited about everything getting packed up. I was flooded with many different feelings all at once. This is our second move, but it was a bit different. The first time we packed everything and loaded it all up on a U-Haul with the auto carrier trailer with the help of my dad. Even thought I had packed up most things, I am glad not to have to load a truck. I only had one regret during the move.

Over and over I thought about whether I would take my custom built PC with us or have them load it on the truck. Anything I had read and even after asking the guy that did our walk-through, all said that if I had room, it would be better to drive it myself. I kept my original box and packaging for my monitor, so it was packed nice and safe. The styrofoam around the monitor had these cut-outs, almost like pockets, so I put all of my cords in freezer storage bags and tucked them plus my mouse inside of it. I taped bubble wrap around my PC tower and blanket-wrapped it once it was in the back of our vehicle, and my hubby packed our things around it.

Now, I am an over-packer. I will admit it. I like to be prepared for anything that could possibly happen. I narrowed down our bags for the road trip at least 2 times and we still had a lot of things. I thought I would take my daughter’s PC, but my hubby and sister made me feel a bit silly for wanting to transport them myself. They said they’d wrap her computer up, or so I thought. Her PC is the 2nd one we have built and I bought a mid-size case for it. I thought it would not be so bad. It’s a nice size, but it is not as big as mine. Surely they will have a box big enough and bubble wrap it and all. Instead, they wrapped it in the big furniture blankets with tape. No other padding that I could see. We started unpacking, bought new desks from IKEA for all three of us, and when I was ready to set up her computer, I noticed the case was not flush on one side. I tried to take it off and noticed the dent in the lower back of the panel. Now, my husband noticed it earlier that day, but I thought he was talking about something else.

My heart sank and I immediately wished I had taken her computer with us as well.

I got it turned on and everything is working well. It has been a few days and I have been watching it to make sure it functions normally. Right now, it just looks like it is a matter of getting a replacement case. Lesson learned: transport your own computer. I am hoping the claims process goes smoothly. I am ready to be done with all of this moving business.

Ladybug is registered in school. She has surprised me. Right now she is excited to start a new school. I am hoping that it is a wonderful experience for her. Of course, I am going to volunteer as much as I can to get to know the school, the staff and teachers and so they can know who I am. This is the one area in life where I want to make sure my face and presence are known. I need to feel comfortable that this is where my daughter will be for a large part of her day. Just thinking about it is making me anxious. Plus, I have to get with the school nurse to figure out their plan for students with a food allergy. The part we are looking forward to is that she will start school earlier and be out in May instead of June. There’s a fall break, two-week holiday break, and a few other nice breaks built into the calendar that we did not have at her old school.

Anyway…ending this before it gets too long. We are still unpacking, but most of it is done. The kids have new beds and our little guy slept in his the first night after it was set up. He really impressed us. Little ladybug is definitely enjoying her new bed. I still have a few more things I need to do, but it will get done in time… no rush.

Happy Monday!

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