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School is Almost Out

24 May 2016 | Life

I am counting down the days. We usually mark off the days on the calendar for the last two weeks of school. I don’t even have a calendar hanging up anywhere this year, but I will be counting down the days for baby girl. She has 11.5 more days of school left. I think my hubster and I are more excited about it than she is. This year I let him have the reigns of dropping her off to school. He told me he saw what I meant about it getting “old” real fast. As a parent, there is no such thing as not feeling well. Your children still expect the same from you. We may look and feel a little worn down, but we keep on going.

I have yet to process any of her birthday photos, but I came across this photo from last year of our baby girl. She is always smiling about something. Lately, she, my niece, and I have been having fun playing Roblox together. My niece is 17 (goodness, I remember keeping her as a baby!) and she and Aida on the phone together is THE funniest thing ever. They are like an older/younger version of each other. Imagine 2 people sitting on FaceTime, one is watching a YouTube gaming loop and the other is shopping online or checking a social media site the whole time. Neither of them talk much because they are both so enthralled in their own activities. Then as soon as one puts the other on pause, the other shouts “why you got me on pause?” I can’t help it. I have to laugh.

At least once my hubster has told baby girl not to just “sit” on FaceTime, but I told him that is their ritual. That’s what they do. That’s how they spend time together since they are hundreds of miles away from one another. Every now and then, I may actually walk in on them having a conversation… with words being used and everything.