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2015… it’s here?

3 Jan 2015 | Scrapbooking

Where, oh where did the time go? I totally missed posting on the first of the year. I had this great post planned but that just did not happen.  My 5-month old is not the best sleeper, which means mama is not getting any sleep either. Add a week long migraine to the mix and you have me. It has been rough! I just keep reminding myself that this is just temporary. Last night my husband and I conceded to the fact that our daughter spoiled us. She was such a quiet and laid back child. Whatever we were doing, she was always happy to be right there with us or playing  nearby. Brayden demands the room be focused on him. Of course, his dad says he gets that from me. It is funny but he may very well be right. Our little guy turned 5 months old on Christmas Day. His big sister keeps telling him he is growing up so fast….and he really is. This will definitely be an interesting year ahead.

I do not make resolutions. I do have a few scrapbooking and blog goals for the year. A lot of different ideas pass through my head and most times I do not get a chance to try them out. Either I forget them or I don’t have the time to commit to doing them. I definitely am going to get back to finishing my 2013 Project Life album and 2014…. well, I did the first week and that was it…lol! That situation must be handled. Myself, my family… we enjoy looking at our “family” album. It reminds us of those little moments we forgot about. Soon… soon… I am going to get back on that. I have been steadily creating pages for my littles ones’ albums though.

It has taken me some time to wrap my head around scrapbooking for more than one child. For pages that I want to include in both of their albums, I have to keep reminding myself of the point of view I am using. Just one more thing to keep me on my toes. :)