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Fam Updates for October + New Layouts

October has went by too fast and the end of the month is steadily approaching. There have not been too many things going on with us, just living life best we can.

A little over a week from now my mama will be visiting with us. Some time ago I asked what she would say if we sent her a plane ticket. It has been over a year since we have been home. As a child, I did not have grandparents that were around that I could just go and visit and stay with during the summer. My great great grandmother was “grandma” to me until I was 9 years old, and I wanted my children to experience that. For the most part, my baby girl got a chance to until we moved. It is a different story for my baby boy, though. He has seen his relatives 3 times and he may or may not remember them. We talk to my parents and my sister and her children quite frequently on Facetime. I think that helps. He recognizes their faces and voices. Baby boy has even gotten to the point where he will call my dad and just start up a conversation. Half of the words he says are recognizable and half aren’t, but my dad just talks and listens.

One of my latest scrapbook pages about him is where he was on Facetime with my nieces. It was the first time he was actually talking and engaging without trying to say goodbye and ending the call. Most times I use the accessibility features in the iPhone to stop him from leaving out of the app and disable the touch screen in the area where the end call button is located. This particular day I didn’t need to. I will admit that I was shocked.


This next layout I used photos from March when we were on our way to Minnesota. It was the end of Spring Break and we figured a little road trip at the end would be fun. I decided  to mix up a few kits to get the color palette I wanted instead of hunting around for one that fit. I had not mixed so much in a while and it was fun and a nice change of pace. Choosing colors that would complement the photos was the main idea. I saw the palette in my head and just let it flow from there.


That is all from me. It is late, late, late in the night here. I should be getting ready for bed, but I plan to enjoy a little more of the quiet with the hubster. Oh…and would you believe baby boy is sleeping at night now? I have always been laid back about it since we don’t get out the house much. Somehow though… he started going to sleep between 7 and 9:00pm and waking up at 5:00am. Now..that may seem early to some, but I would rather that than to have to be up from midnight to 8:00am with him. This is much better and I can see myself actually getting some sleep as soon as I get adjusted.

Hope everyone has a good start to their week! I know I am going to try my best to!

// Layout credits:  Slightly Imperfect {Dressed Up} [x] -Fiddle Dee Dee Designs  || For the Love of 2016: Bundle 4 [x] – Allison Pennington || Elm Street [x] – Gina Miller || Of Wishes,Hopes, and Dreams [Part 2] – The Lilypad Designers || Crazy Rad [x] – Amanda Yi, Studio Basic, and Two Tiny Turtles
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