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Happiness Defined

Life with one child has been quite fun. It was always easy to plan a vacation and decide to go somewhere at any given moment. With a baby, it has me thinking of all sorts of things to plan for while we are away from home.Plus, it does not quite feel like I have gotten my energy back. It does not help that I was in limbo dealing with blood pressure issues when we brought our baby home. It felt like my recovery was super long. Now, I feel like things might be leveling out. He is sleeping less in the daytime and more at night.

Whenever it is quiet, I think of all the conversations I had with my daughter about her baby brother on the way.He has been much more than we could have imagined. When he is happy, he shows it. He is giving kissies (our word for sweet baby kisses) now and gives his sister the biggest hug and kiss when she gets home from school. She has definitely taken more time with him than I would have guessed. I thought by now the whole idea of “new baby” would have died down, but not for her.

If he is awake, she wants to play with him. We like to make a pallet of blankets on the floor with mats underneath and they will play for a couple of hours. She watches him like a hawk the whole time. He cannot roll over, pull up to standing or even chew on a toy without her seeing and approving. I am happy to see her happy… and that was what inspired the idea of this page…

Sometimes I let the craziest and smallest things get in the way of my feeling good about life. Then, I think about these two and I realize I have so much to be grateful for.. and I am trying not to forget it. Most of my pages tend to focus on the good moments. Those are the ones I definitely want to (need to) remember the most.

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Thanks for visiting!! Hope all is well on your side of the world!

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