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Many Ideas + Scrapbooking the Day

All week long I have been wanting to get a post on the blog, but I just could not decide what to post about. So, please excuse me if this is a little bit random today.

First lesson I learned this week: Stop asking the child questions about school. I have just had to come to the resolve that I will know what I need to know when the time comes. I was worried about her eating lunch and for her, it is more of a snack time. I was worried about her not talking to the kids and after open house, I found out that was not a worry at all. There could be many reasons why she wants to hide from me how she really feels about school but I have yet to figure it out. At random times during the evenings, she will reveal little things that happened during her school day. I just take those times and listen as intently as possible. Never know when she will spill the beans on something.

Second lesson I learned this week: Make a plan. I have several things that I want to do from blogging to learning more about web design and photography to scrapbooking. There is just not enough time in the day for every thing, but if I plan it out just right, I could use my time wisely. I will get on the computer with a mission in mind and get distracted by emails, facebook or pinterest. It happens every time.

Third lesson I learned this week: Trying to ease into a diet of no meat is challenging but not as hard. I think I make this out to be worse than it has to be. So far, I have stopped buying beef. I have never been a big fan of it and my daughter does not eat it anyway. Mostly we have been having chicken and fish with our dinners, and sometimes no meat at all, with roasted vegetables and rice. My daughter loves fish whether it is fried, baked or pan seared. Lately, we have been pan searing tilapia with olive oil and seasoning with garlic and lemon pepper. Oh it is so good! Breakfast is hard. I still love bacon and the only way I avoid it is to eat cereal (plain Cheerios are my fave!). If I make grits, I feel like I need bacon and toast with grape jam. It is a habit. I steps…one hurdle at a time. Maybe that’s wrong… I don’t know but I am trying to find a way that works for my family.

Fourth lesson I learned this week: Live one day at a time. Found out that a family member is sick and it just took me back to that time when my own mother was sick and under medical care for quite some time. I remember hearing her talk with someone about living one day at a time. This just reminded me of that again. That has been my motto since 1996 and not one that I am letting go of any time soon. As my seventh grade teacher told my class, we are only visitors on this earth. How long you are here is not up to you, but how well you live is up to you. Life can only be what you make it. I am trying my best to make a conscious effort to do more things that I want to do. We shall see.

That’s just a little of how my week has been.

Yesterday, I did a post over at Sweet Shoppe on the tutorial blog. It is a post about macro photography and including the details in your scrapbook pages. I do not claim to be an expert but only want to share what I have learned.

Also, I got a chance to complete a couple of pages with the newest releases from Gina of Digital Design Essentials. I still have the first item I ever bought from her shop. This new collection is perfect for scrapping food photos or writing about a time at your favorite restaurant.

 photo tron-goodeats2-700_zps814f7679.jpg
 photo tron-goodeats-700_zps86679aff.jpg

I have no idea where my obsession with triangles began, but it has not simmered yet. When I started this page, I made the triangle shapes first. Then I created another shape as a path so that I could add my text inside of it. For the stamp on the wood paper, I used a drop shadow and inner shadow to give it the effect that makes it looks like it is engraved or set into the paper. It reminds me of a butcher block and I just felt like it needed that. You know how when you have used a wooden cutting board for so long, it gets the ridges from the knife carved into it. That is what made me try that. Funny where inspiration comes from sometimes.

Anywho… thanks for visiting the blog and I hope your weekend is off to a good start!

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  • Hanna

    Hi there!

    Lately, I had some trouble getting inspiration, but I looooove these layouts! So thank you. Can you tell me what font you used for the journaling on the triangle(s), I really like it.

    Thank you and kind regards from the Netherlands,

  • Tronesia

    Hi Hanna! Thank you! Unfortunately, I did not save the font name with my credits. Most times I try to keep all that noted and somehow missed it this time. :(ReplyCancel

    • Hanna

      Hi Tronesia,

      No problem, I just had to try. Thank you for taking the time and making an effort!

      Kind regards,

  • Hanna

    Hurray, I finally found it using Fount. Just in case you wanted to know too: it’s Museo Sans!

    Kind regards,