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Scrapbooking: New Goodies and More

So. It is Saturday and almost 2 am on my side of the world. It feels like it has been longer than a couple of days but Aida and I went out for breakfast Thursday morning. We went to IHOP. I decided to wait to go to the two local places I had scouted to try. We did go to a local cupcake & cafe afterwards just to try the cupcakes that got them named in the newspaper for three years. The cupcakes were delicious but the lady that actually helped my child and I was just not that friendly. I almost tired of hearing myself say that. And I do need to clarify.

I myself, when I am around people I do not know, I am quiet. I smile, greet them will respond in conversation if we happen to start talking. I do not have a problem with others that are just like me – kind of hesitant to speak to someone else, because I understand being that way…but a business owner being that way is kind of odd. You have a business, which means you would like customers and that should mean at least being cordial. You do not have to speak to me like I am your best friend but please do not look at my child and I like you wish we would run out the front door. Now I will say it was rather humid inside the place. They had fans on but it was still hot. No need for AC because it was barely 50 degrees, rainy and very windy. I thought that maybe the lady was flustered because it was hot and she was doing a lot of moving around. Either way, I will not be going back. Good cupcakes…perfect amount of sweetness…and not too much icing.Oh well! Not like I needed them. (lol!)

After that, Aida and I headed to Target to get her some art supplies. She keeps telling me she is bored and asking about school, so I figured we could do some crafts. She ended up getting play-doh and I bought a few other things for her. As I was looking through the aisles for stickers for her (she loves them), I saw a smash book and I started thinking how I would love to start a scrap journal just my personal thoughts. Such a bad idea! I got the book, a set of pens, glitter pens (sharing with Aida too…lol!), some flowers and stickers for myself and some other things. Then I started thinking…hmm…I would not mind mixing in traditional pages with my digital pages or at least make some inserts. What does my crazy self do next? Buy more stuff. I have been cutting journal cards the past couple of days and now I am waiting on two shipments (hope my fiance does not see this…lol!!). Yes, I am a crazy person.

I have this brand new Canon printer that actually prints pretty nice photos, so why not try it out. I am really excited about it. I have actually been stalking some scrap blogs lately. It will definitely be fun to try out some of their techniques.

No photos yet but definitely will be sharing once the rest of the stash arrives and I start to using it. Wish me luck! I am good with digital ….I think…we will see about the “real” thing. I do have a few of digital pages to share .

digital products used :
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