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Moving to Denver | Vol. 3

We are getting settled. Probably more like settled and now trying to find a balance while keeping up with life. We’ve moved. A few things went missing during the move and we got that taken care of. A few things around the house we needed to fix for us to be comfortable got done. Our little 4th grader is doing well with school. The 3-year old is enjoying all his space to run around and play. We all like our moments alone and our computers, so we have space to have all of that. It was exactly what I wanted us to have in our first home purchase. It is still a shock to me, but definitely a happy one that we are very grateful for; I won’t ever forget where we have been. Moving was not as stressful since it was the second time and I had a better of idea of what to expect.


Moving Into The New House

With the actual moving, we had help from a company called Mayflower. They came to pack our things up on July 11th and the next day, the moving truck with United Van Lines (Rodney was our driver..won’t ever forget him!) was at our door to load it all up. Since we lived in a small apartment and I have 2 kiddos, I asked the moving company about us packing some of our own things. They had an inspector come out to get an idea of how much we had. It was fine with them. They gave us extra labels to mark everything and keep count of our boxes. I would say it was better to me that I had packed up most of our clothes, my desk, and most of the items we would not need immediately after moving. The packers were only at our place for the morning and were done by noon. When it came time to getting to Colorado, we decided to drive. My car was loaded onto a tow truck and taken with another shipment of cars. It would be week or so before it got to us. We drove that 14 hour drive to our new place. The kids had been on one airplane ride and mama was not up for another with a toddler.

There were 2 things I wish we had the chance to do: (1) we both had been there to sign at closing and (2) a photo of all four of us with the ‘sold’ sign in front of the house. With logistics, it just didn’t happen. I just love my photos though…lol! My parents and my 2 teenage nieces actually met us in Colorado later on the day we arrived. They could have waited, but they were all ready to roll with us. I don’t think I could ever express how much that meant to me (us). We were all here on a Thursday and my sister flew in on that Saturday to help. Only downside was that the movers did not make it to us until that Monday. Not a long time to wait; pretty good turn-around window considering there were belongings of 2 other families on the same truck. The first company that was supposed to move us wanted to pack us up in Wisconsin on the 31st of July and deliver the week of the 12th. They were booked, so that was the only date they had to pack us up. Thankfully, we did find a better window. We had a great driver. A few things were not wrapped the way he was satisfied with, so he even took time to re-wrap/package them. He was full of energy and both crews he hired to help with moving the boxes were awesome. My only complaint was the packers literally wrapped and packed everything in site. We have a huge rolling bin full of toys and a few blocks and small toys were not in it and the packers wrapped them in paper and added them to random boxes. After a while of opening boxes that I did not pack, it was funny to see the random things in them. Our carpet cleaner and steam mop got left at our apartment since they were in a closet, but the company reimbursed for that not long after I filed the claim. All in all… it got done and we were satisfied customers at the end.


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When He Was Little

Our baby boy is 3 years old and full of so many things to say. He and I have always had our way of communicating, but now that words have come into play it is a new playing field. He had me laughing so hard the other day. I was getting ready to start the laundry and was putting the clothing in the washing machine. Baby boy really wanted to help. Now that he can reach the door of the washing machine, he almost acts like it is his duty to load it up and start the wash cycle. I tried telling him to slow down, but he was just a moving. He was turning from the basket to the washer so fast. I had to double check to make sure the wrong colors weren’t going in. He got it more than half-way full and looked in and looked at me and said “This too much!” Ohh I laughed so hard! He just kept saying it after that and putting even more stress on the “too.” He is a mess. One day I had to give in and agree with him; because he was right, of course. It was too much. Too many clothes and just too much going on altogether.

It is those little moments of laughter that makes me appreciate and be thankful for all of it. The nights where he would rather be awake instead of asleep… the days where he follows me wherever I go… I will miss it all as he grows up. I know I won’t get these moments again with my baby boy. He will grow up. When I was looking through my photos for some to use on this scrapbook page, I knew these were it.

For this scrapbook layout, I used Tomorrow’s Memories: Patterns & Backgrounds, Elements, and Graphic Alphabet by Allison Pennington along with one of the Perseverance templates by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs. This turned out even better than I imagined. I love fall color palettes that are not too traditional. The lighter colors and the mix of patterns were perfect together. This is definitely a favorite of mine.


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Sims 4 Update: September 2017

Hello Thursday! I love Thursdays. The weekend is closer and it feels good to be so close to Friday. For the past few weeks, I have spent a lot of time on the Sims 4. Not so much in quantity, but I have been taking the time to clean up my files and organize them. If you don’t know what it is, you can check out the official site here. I have been playing the Sims for 16 years and I have no shame in my game. I enjoy it! For so long, I looked for other players that looked like me and it was hard to find us. I have never been a huge fan of Facebook, but I joined when I was getting deep into scrapbooking and to connect with people I hadn’t seen in a long time. Fast forward to now and every day my timeline is filled with all kinds of good stuff from my favorite simming group. This is probably the most social I have ever been (lol!). On to the sims though…

There is a new expansion pack coming in November and it is all about pets. I tried not to read too much about it as I like to discover things as I play. There is also a game pack..stuff pack..whatever EA is calling it now.. that is set to release soon also. I am still waiting on some type of pack focused on weather, college life, and more supernatural beings. Those 3 things and I will not ever want to stop playing for real.  Here’s a quick glance at my latest gameplay of the Sims 4:

.01 \\  The James Family: Layne and Melanie

.02 \\  Bria Honey Household

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