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Baby Boy Loves His Cars

24 Oct 2017 | Life

Since he figured out the art of holding things, baby boy has had a fondness for trucks, cars, and all things that go. Hot Wheels, garbage trucks, fire trucks, cement mixers, dump trucks, ambulances, auto carriers, and excavators are like celebrities to him. Riding around the city can be quite an adventure for him. He will wave down and sing a song for any truck. He is why I know the names of the different types of construction trucks. If he thinks we are about to leave the house, he fills his backpack with toys. He knows how to entertain himself. The coolest thing about seeing him play is that he incorporates all of his toys into one big pretend scenario.

I tend to cringe when I read those parenting blogs or magazines or whatever else that say you should limit screen time for your child. That is not how I am as a parent. No one limited my time on the Nintendo or computer and I found time to read, experiment, and learn new things. My little guys loves the iPad, but he also loves to build types of shapes with his train tracks. If big sister is doing homework, he will ask for work to do (and we find him some!).

Besides putting his mind to work, he is quite the daredevil. He will jump on and climb on anything he can reach. Maybe for a couple of seconds he will look at the situation and see if he will make it across and then off he goes. I am constantly shaking my head and saying “Hey! Don’t jump off of that!” He will even get the step stool to reach the things he cannot. He is a constant – always moving, doing, and getting into things.


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