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Colorado Railroad Museum

22 Nov 2017 | Reviews, Scrapbooking

I know it has been awhile. I have not really felt like posting here because I was not sure what to post or why I was posting. I have been posting all of the fun Sim things on my tumblr blog. Mostly because it is pretty simple – just photos with a few words sprinkled here and there.

Almost a month ago, I started this post and wanted to share about our time at the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden. The Saturday before Halloween we took a trip up there to check out the Trick or Treat Train. My little 3-year old loves trains. He will spend most of the day building his track and then play with it for hours. Sometimes the cargo makes it safely to its destination and other times a fire truck, ambulance, or tow truck have to come in for rescue efforts. I always get tickled listening to him act it all out. It is pretty cool knowing he is doing all this from his imagination.

Seeing his pretend play, I knew a ride on a real train was going to be “amazing” as he called it. When we got there, he was sleep. Once we started walking towards the building and he could see the train going around the track, he just looked at it with his eyes and mouth wide open and then came all of the “amazing”, “awesome”, and “so cool” comments from him. All I could do was laugh. Seeing his joy made my heart smile.

Now, my 9-year old was not as excited. She told me it was not what she expected at all. It was nice weather out, but she did not think we were going to be outside. I told her it was actual trains, not toy trains. I am guessing she was not listening as I was telling her what it was like. Once we walked around and they started to get some candy, went for a train ride, she discovered the face painting booth. That made her all smiles for sure.



It was a fun event and we all learned quite a few interesting things about trains. Not sure if the 3-year old will remember this day, but he sure did enjoy it.

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