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Update on the People | March

So, the month is here and it is two weeks in and I have been terrible at updating here.

The kiddos are doing well. It has been great to watch baby boy grow up and to see his natural progression and development each day. I don’t keep up with milestones according to baby books or whatever like I did with my daughter. I just let him be. He is certainly much different than her. With YouTube, he has taught himself to recognize the entire alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors. We reiterate all that he mentions and help him get used to it all, but most of it he had done on his own. He has started watching Peppa Pig lately and my husband says Peppa has taught baby boy how to share. All I could do was laugh at the one. In the mornings, he wakes up playing with his toys. The other day we made a trip to the toy store and he bought a set with a police car, fire truck, and ambulance and another set of trains to go with the set he got for Christmas. Along with his other cars and trucks, he carries them around wherever he goes. It is cute and a little funny to see him toting all of that around.

My daughter is growing up just as fast. She is still doing well in school. Around the beginning of the year she was tested and placed into an advanced mathematics class. I used to be so worried about her because it seemed as if she was having trouble. She definitely thinks more along the lines of her father. We both show her how we learned different topics and she usually takes that and uses the way she understands best or a combination of both. Miss A has just taken off with it from there. Her reading is still above grade level. I just have to get her to read more and stay away from the electronics. I am not one of those parents with strict rules on everything. I just don’t believe in that. There will be enough rules and doing a lot of things you do not want to do as an adult. We should all enjoy some freedoms. Our thing is teaching her about boundaries and limits and how to impose them on her own. Her dad has started to give her more responsibility and trusting her to do certain tasks. I can tell it has helped her pay attention more. She is always asking how we do things so that she can do them herself. I told her at 8 I could make my own breakfast on a gas stove, iron my own uniforms (almost as perfectly as my mother), and sew a hem on my skirts or pants that were too long. Kids need to learn responsibilities because it is unfortunate that so many these days expect things to be handed to them.  That is just not how this world works and I won’t ever let my children think it.

So, what have I been up to? Lots of conversations with the hubster. Changes brewing just not sure of the wheres, the whens, or hows. I am just prepping my mind. I have had more computer issues. My solid state drive was starting to fail, so I had to send it back to Samsung. I guess they could not fix it as quickly or if at all, so they sent me another in its place. This time after the hubster suggested I check out some information on the program/erase cycle and the life of solid state drives.  That made me change how I set it up. Windows and my main applications only on the solid state drive for now. It is working wonderfully since being replaced. This model had the most positive reviews across the board, so hopefully that particular one was just a dud.

Sims 4 – I have definitely been playing more of it and getting involved. It has been fun hanging out and sharing online with people who have the same interest. Something I have not done in awhile. I am a part of scrapbook communities, but with the simmers it is different. I feel more connected in that arena lately. Also trying to put some things together to try out a few things. I have a little bit of time on my hands since we (baby boy and I) are on a better sleeping schedule. It is nice to get things during the day again instead of being so tired and napping for most of it.

It is pretty late right now, but I felt compelled to post.

Before I leave, I plan to check out the free goods on Creative Market before I hit the bed. If you have not heard of the site, it is a great place to find all types of creative goods –  patterns, fonts, Photoshop actions, website themes, invitations, logo and so much more. Each Monday a new set of free goods are available for free for the entire week.


That’s about all from me for now. Have a good Wednesday!


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