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School Update: Week 5

Just a quick post for today. It is going on week five of the school year and my child is already asking me everyday if she has school the following day. I thought it would be much longer before she was tired of school. It seems she has made some friends but has still keeps quiet in class. Her teacher says she raises her hand for all questions and is doing very well with the day-to-day. I was worried about her minimal lunch eating habits but from what I hear that is the trend among all of the kids. They are enjoying the ‘talk’ time. If I am being honest, I never really liked lunch at school. I did not buy a lunch until I was 14 years old and that still was not often. The eighth grade at my school could choose what they wanted for lunch so that was the one thing that made me want to buy sometimes. If that was never the case, I probably would have never eaten a school lunch. My mom had me to pack my own lunch box and I am thinking it was because of my eating habits. With Aida, I ask her what she wants to put in her lunch and she still does not eat it. Most days she nibbles on fruit and drinks juice. She resists any mention of buying a lunch. I think that may change when the winter comes. I do not expect her to be full from lunch. I just do not want her to be sitting in the classroom the rest of the day with a growling tummy.

The other something else happened that was a little interesting. She has a deer (stuffed animal) named Baby Lily that she likes to take everywhere. Since the start of school, she has been putting Baby Lily in her backpack so that she can attend school along with her. Well, I told Aida last week that at some point we will have to leave Baby Lily in the car. The deer is adorable but is really making her backpack heavier than necessary (which is what I told Aida). She decided that yesterday would be Baby Lily’s last day of school. I offered to keep Baby Lily with me and Aida quickly suggested that Lily would need home school.  So, okay… I can do that. Whatever it takes to make her feel good about going to school each morning, I am willing to do. She told me that as Baby Lily’s mother she will be picking her up after school and taking care of her. It was just too sweet.

And to close, a photo of said baby girl painting in her little art smock while I cooked dinner the other day.



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