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Spring Break: Fun While It Lasted

Last week I got to have both my babies home with me all day and it was kind of wonderful. Unfortunately, our fun has ended. Last Monday we went on a little drive for lunch, shopping, and Krispy Kreme (an hour away in the next city). Madison has the most of nothing I have ever witnessed (lol!). I am not a huge doughnut fan but I will indulge every now and then. The one Krispy Kreme they had nearby closed by the time Aida and I moved up here in March of 2013. She had been wanting a doughnut for the longest, so I thought it’d be fun to just get out the house and head that way. Let her enjoy a little something that reminded her of home. There was an outlet mall on the way, so I had to stop in the Gap Outlet. As always, I bought the kids some clothes. Brayden really needed them more than Aida. He is growing so fast! It’s like I am obsessed with shopping for Aida whereas with him, it takes a little more time and patience to find things that I like. It was a good day though. It was nice to just relax and not worry about running to the school to drop her off or pick her up. Life feels right when we are all together.

Brayden is 8 months old now. He is sitting up, crawling, and standing up. Standing and laughing are probably his 2 favorite things to do. He has started to show a few signs of teething. Not a phase that I like but I knew it had to come at some point. It is about time to start looking for a convertible car seat for him. Safety is always my top priority, so that’s my main focus when car seat shopping. There are many choices but I know exactly what I want. Aida rode in hers, rear-facing, until she was 2 years old with no issues.

Miss Aida…oh my little girl is turning 7 next month. She has become quite the big sister lately. Over the break, she has been singing lullabies and helping baby boy stand up when he wants. I told her she needs to win an award or something. Her reading just keeps on improving. I had to give her a warning about reading my text messages. Not only that, but since the latest IOS update my phone calls are filtered through the iPad. I kept it on because it’s nice to be able to let my phone charge and just use the iPad to answer a call if I need to. I am not a phone person, so it’s not like anyone is calling my except family. Aida loves to answer though- whether she knows the name on the caller ID or not. I had to school her on that.

That’s about the gist of the latest happenings in our little world. Hope you are having a great Monday! Thanks for visiting!

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