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Capture It All

Not sure if it is the photographer or memory keeper side of me, but I have this crazy desire to document as many everyday moments that I can. I may not feel up to it all the time. I may forget some of the time. Or, I may just be lazy and not feel like taking out my camera (it’s rare that I take photos with my phone). I am glad that I was feeling up to it last month. Let me set the scene: My daughter and I went to the library to sign her up for the reading program. Afterwards, I let her play in the play area for about 20 minutes and then, we headed to the meeting room so that she could see and pet some farm animals. Everything was going smoothly… or at least I thought. Now, before we left the house, I told her we might go to the park after seeing the animals. It depended on how late it was and how I felt (I am pregnant…swollen feet… discomfort is my new best friend). Well… I told her we would go ahead and run to the grocery store and head home, and we would come back to the park the next day instead. Her whole tune changed and she stormed out of the library… and this is the look she gave me…


No worries. She changed her tune shortly after this when I told her the consequences of her “storming around” like a mad woman. I was not expecting her to get mad so quickly when we had been having such a good evening. I guess all of that does not matter in the mind of a 6-year old. Not only that, but I have yet another “angry” photo to tease her with one day when she is older. She cannot say it did not happen because I surely got a photo of her.

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