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Crazy Week + New Look

Oh my goodness! For a minute I did not think I would come out of the week with my sanity. It was already hard living with and being married to an insomniac and then this week, the game changed. I like to think that I am okay with change and go with the flow. I mean, when I was working outside the home, I did it (at work, that is). At home, I don’t think I am as “go with the flow” like; I am more like complain and complain and complain until I settle into the idea. So, back to this change… my husband had been working on sleeping and being awake at a normal time of day for the past several weeks. He was doing great. I mean, he was actually awake in the mornings when we were. Sometimes I would give him the baby to watch while I get our daughter ready for and take her to school and he wasn’t in sleep mode; it was miraculous. He even took our daughter to school quite a few times. He never had to take her to daycare. It was always me doing the dropping off and heading to work. So, having him do it was so strange but a very welcome change. She loves when her dad take her and pick her up from school. Then, the shift change happened and he is working nights. I am/was pretty deflated, especially since things were getting better…changing. I tell myself, “this too shall pass” and I get on with my day. This week was just a little rough since I had a migraine. Not the end of the world I know… just some things are not as easy to deal with when in the middle of the situation (for me, anyway).

Anyway, I changed things up a bit around here. I updated the about page (hardest part!), added a gallery of my scrapbook pages, etc… I know I mentioned it before and I still plan to go forward with a couple of ideas. It just takes time and right now, time is a little hard to come by. My son is a terrible sleeper. He is finally sleeping most of the night, but daytime naps are hard now. He resists naptime for as long as he can and then cries, flails and throws himself around until he cannot do anything but fall asleep. It will get done though. I need to do something different.

Speaking of things changing, the weather has made such a turn. A few weeks ago the temperature started to rise and the snow slowly started melting and now we have none. I am so glad I decided to get the kids outside and get some photos or I would have missed it.


Brayden was just staring at the ground when we first took him out there. He was too funny. Aida made sure to throw a little snow his way. He, of course, tried to taste it. Our very short outdoor adventure was also in part to Aida trying out her new coat. The zipper on her old coat was broken, so we went ahead and got her a new one. I bought it a little big but hopefully it will last a couple of winters like the last coat did. It was much easier looking for a coat this time since I knew what I wanted.

Well, I have a few things to get done this evening and hopefully, relaxing will be part of it. Enjoy your weekend!

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  • Kim Smith

    Love the new look you have here and the kiddos are adorable in their winter gear!ReplyCancel

  • Kim Thomas Mcgee

    I can’t wait to see u guys.ReplyCancel