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Discovery World Museum

We got a chance to visit Milwaukee this weekend…and I am ready to move! Not! The lakefront is gorgeous and I think we are going to have to make that drive again before it gets too cold. The Milwaukee Art Museum is a piece of are all by itself and the Discovery World Museum was pretty neat too. I love seeing modern architecture; it is probably as exciting as checking out computer specs for me (lol!). I have been up since getting home trying to get some photos to share. My camera was such a wonderful partner with my Expodisc and 50 mm lens, and not to mention the gorgeous light pouring through the big windows of the museum. I thought I was in photography heaven and had to remember that we were there to have fun. Some of the exhibits were a little tricky and some I was so into that I forgot about the camera. I did get a chance to get a few photos, but before I share I will add my ideas about our visit.

Overall, it is a great place. I would definitely add this as a fun place to visit for kids. There is a sizable model display that shows each of the Great Lakes.  We were in that area for at least 10 minutes or so. My husband thought this would be a quick trip, no more than an hour. I am a review reader and I kept telling him there was an average consensus of 3 hours at least to go through the entire museum. We started at the aquarium first, which Aida wanted to walk through twice. I was not sure if we would make it to any other exhibits at this point. We finally got her moving and got stuck again; there is a boat in the middle of the museum. All of the kids seemed to be at a standstill at this same point. The boat had living quarters and many interactive parts that they could try out. Aida loved walking through it; anything similar to a playhouse and she can barely part ways. We let her flounce around for a bit since more kids were around and she was enjoying the moment. Later, she got a chance to “drive a car” and even though it was just a simulation, I could tell how serious she was. She has been talking about driving and I guess she really has not been joking (lol!!). Too bad she is only 5  (long way to go baby girl!!)! One of the cool things was the Kohls’ Design Center; you get to make selected crafts for free (completely sponsored by Kohls’) and museum member get access to more involved crafts. I can say that the museum really impressed me. Looking at it online and hoping Aida would enjoy it, and then getting there to see it was as it was described on the web… it gets 5 out of 5 stars from me.







There are more photos to share, and hopefully I will be scrapping some of these soon. :)  Hope your day is going well and thanks for visiting!

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