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Meet and Greet

Aida finally got a chance to meet her teacher. I decided to let her pick out her own outfit and she was anxious to put on her “shiny” shoes and tie them by herself.  She almost tried to leave the house with socks though because these shoes are so soft on the inside; she thought it would be a good idea to not wear socks. That was a definite ‘no way.’ She kept talking about how she was excited to see her new classroom and meet everyone, which lasted until we got there. Walking through the doors I watched her little face change and felt her hand tugging me a little more than usual. I looked down and saw that her face was slowly dropping, so I stopped and asked what was wrong. She said she was nervous and shy about going to school. Now there were not too many people there when we arrived but it was quite a crowd. I told her all would be fine and that I was right there to hold her hand while we both got lost together in the school (lol!).


The first thing I noticed walking in were the little signs posted about what was going on. Well, I have glasses and still can’t see too well… those signs helped me with nothing. The first line I had no idea what it was for. Another lady got in the line and asked what was the line for and I told her, ” I have no idea…I am just trying figure out what we are supposed to do.” She started looking at the people leaving and that’s when she noticed it was for the bus passes. I knew then, I needed to move…lol! Right behind us was the area to get your ID # for the lunch account. “Oh!! Good..this is something we need, let’s wait right here.”  Got that done. By this time, Denard arrived just in time to go on the hunt for the classroom. Being my height and trying to look above all the tall people was not getting us anywhere far. I think we went down every hallway possible. Eventually, we found a map posted and were able to figure out where her classroom was located.

Aida was excited and taken aback when she went in the room. Her teacher greeted us immediately. She was so nice and helpful. My favorite thing was her organization and how everything was set up. I was like “I wish I could be this put!” All of the kids’ seats had their names with the school boxes of supplies along with information for the parents. Now I had all these posts on forums and Facebook about finding a mat and they ended up including that in the school box. I left the one we bought just because it was thicker than the one that came with the supply box.


Back to little Aida- she got a chance to look around the classroom, play with a few things and even meet most of her classmates. She was so shy, it was almost funny. By the end of the hour, she really did not want to leave. She was in love with her classroom. The PTA had ice cream for the kids, so we walked her to get some. At first she was scared to stand in the line, so I held her hand and waited with her. I know that once she gets warmed up to everyone and the new environment, she will be okay. Today she woke up asking if it was time for school and I had to remind her that she still has one more week. No idea why she was so ready this morning. I just hope she feels that way when it is time to go to school.




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  • Hi! I am you new biggest fan! I saw your layouts on and just love what you do. I am a paper kind of girl, just can’t get into digital but your work is just awesome, I am so inspired!!!!! You photos are spectacular and I am sure your adorable daughter just loves to be your favorite subject. Have a great weekend!ReplyCancel

    • Tronesia

      Hi Tamika! Thank you! Digital takes a moment to get used to. The best thing to me was being able to scrapbook without my child getting into the supplies(lol!).ReplyCancel